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13 years of experience in Environmental Compliance

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Every project that correctly complies with its permit has a high chance of being successful and efficient.

Risk control

Whether it is for limited projects that require minimal paperwork or mega-projects that need thousands of permits, our platform delivers the necessary information to take the evaluation stage of a project to the construction stage with efficient risk control.

Protect the investment
Due to our 13 years of experience, we have seen environmental demands increase. Permit management has become more relevant in terms of project strategy, avoiding inconveniences or delays that result in loss of investment.
Before we get to work, at Sigea we use our technology to provide scenario simulations and obtainment times for the required permits needed to develop your project. These are all in accordance with the permit regulations.

At Sigea you will find a full range of Environmental and Sectoral Permits that may be required for your project, with more than 250 Applicable permits available in our Master Permit. 


From each of their elements, it is possible to generate specific permits with their corresponding commitments. compromisos correspondientes

How do we do it?

01. Identify and prioritize.

At Sigea, you will find a full range of Environmental and Sectoral Permits that may be required for your project, with more than 250 Applicable permits available in our Master Permit.


Looking at each component individually, it is possible to create specific permits with corresponding commitments. 

02. Management

The list of permits applicable to the project, with their respective commitments, are configured for compliance. They are monitored from their identification through to their preparation, processing and obtainment. This, therefore, minimizes the risk of drawbacks or rejection due to unforeseen circumstances.

Upon obtaining the permits, the key compliance phase associated with the commitment management begins.

03. Reporting

The permit management of a project and its commitments is an inherent function of the project’s sustainability and operation. Therefore, being able to report on the status and trends is key and must be available from the very beginning. Timely and effective reportability ensures correct decision making.

We have predefined reports as well as report We have predefined reports as well as report construction tools tailored to each user.

Manage all your permits

All permits

Database with a master list of permits applicable to projects.

Allocation of responsibility

Assigning those responsible for the processing of Permits (internal users or consultants).

Accesible information

Unified repository of files and Permit resolutions.

Complete files

Permit tokens with access to technical background of processing.

Planning and obtainment of necessary permissions

Planning and simulation

Simulation of scenarios and permit obtainment times for the development of your project.

Control and projection

Gantt chart for the processing of permits for your projects.

Extensive integration

Linking facilities with WBS codes for integration into construction of Gantt chart. 

Staying up to date

Master list of permissions and technical datasheets are always available and up to date.

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