Corporate Sustainabilty

Manage permiting and requirement compliance and more.

KPI and Reports

Reportability is an indispensable stage for business assurance.

Management and Planning

Legal framework updated to each country

Asegura la sustentabilidad de tu negocio usando SIGEA Software y mide tu impacto siguiendo los criterios ESG con la tecnología más eficiente, en una plataforma moderna y colaborativa.


100% configurable Software

Adaptable compliance tools to each industry.

Environmental Compliance

Manages the full range of Environmental and Sector Permits required by a project in its entire life cycle, from planning the permits required for Installations, works and project processes, processing and obtaining them, as well as compliance management of the requirements and commitments derived from said permits.


Sigea Software has a database of environmental legal obligations applicable to investment projects, it is adaptable to the regulations of each country and for the development of projects. It allows the management of compliance with legal obligations, by management or by facilities to which they apply and with an emphasis on the reportability required by the authority.


Sigea Software manages your water permits by automating the management of water resources for their sustainable use. Integrate your information and get a global vision, review the operational detail of your effective water extraction systems with the corresponding equipment and optimize your water resource decision making.


Environmental monitoring is essential for the direct control of environmental variables that must be protected in the management of a sustainable project or operation. Through this module, each environmental component organized in monitoring plans by area, the control points, the parameters, their thresholds and internal reportability and towards the necessary authority is managed in detail.


Reportability is an indispensable stage for business assurance. It provides the evidence of all the work done by a corporation with regards to compliance management and corporate sustainability.

Community Management

At SIGEA, it has never been easier to incorporate a vision of Corporate Sustainability, where risk control and business assurance is carried out through efficient stakeholder management. Said stakeholders, are identified and organised according to sensitivity, impact and relevance.


In a globalised society, it is necessary to align corporate strategies with the shared commitment to improve the production development model as well as the socio-environmental responsibility. To achieve this, regulatory compliance must comply with local and international standards to ensure comprehensive sustainability management.

Management of Hazardous Substances

The correct handling, transport, storage and final disposal of hazardous substances ensures optimal operation for the company, its workers and the environment.

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User-centered design

Manage, control and report in a simple and intuitive way.

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