Corporate Sustainability

Manage permiting and requirement compliance and more.

KPI and Reports

Reportability is an indispensable stage for business assurance.

Management and Planning

Legal framework updated to each country

Ensure the sustainability of your business by using SIGEA Software and measure your impact following ESG criteria with the most efficient technology, on a modern and collaborative platform.

Soluciones 100% configurables

Adaptable compliance tools to each industry.

Environmental Compliance

Manage the entire range of Environmental and Sectoral Permits required by a project throughout its entire lifecycle 

SIGEA Legal Fulfillment

Sigea Software has a database of environmental legal obligations applicable to investment projects, it is adaptable to the regulations of each country and for the development of projects. 


With SIGEA HIDROMETRIX we not only capture operational data, but also historical data from your project, allowing us to assess potential socio-environmental impacts. 

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is essential for the direct control of environmental variables that must be protected in the management of a sustainable project or operation 


Reportability, as an indispensable stage for business assurance, is what demonstrates all the work done in compliance management and corporate sustainability.

Community Management

At SIGEA, we invite you to incorporate a Corporate Sustainability vision, where risk control and business assurance are achieved through efficient stakeholder management.

Corporate Sustainability Indicators

SIGEA allows you to manage the data and variables that measure the path towards a Corporate Sustainability scenario by distributing the information throughout the organization.

Management of Hazardous Substances

The correct handling, transport, storage and final disposal of hazardous substances ensures optimal operation for the company, its workers and the environment.

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