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Environmental Compliance

Manages the full range of Environmental and Sector Permits required by a project in its entire life cycle, from planning the permits required for Installations, works and project processes, processing and obtaining them, as well as compliance management of the requirements and commitments derived from said permits.

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SIGEA Legal Fulfillment

Sigea Software has a database of environmental legal obligations applicable to investment projects, it is adaptable to the regulations of each country and for the development of projects. It allows the management of compliance with legal obligations, by management or by facilities to which they apply and with an emphasis on the reportability required by the authority.

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HIDROMetrix is ​​a SIGEA solution intended to automate the management of water resources for its sustainable use.

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Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is essential for the direct control of environmental variables that must be protected in the management of a sustainable project or operation. Through this module, each environmental component organized in monitoring plans by area, the control points, the parameters, their thresholds and internal reportability and towards the necessary authority is managed in detail.

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Standards Compliance and Social Responsability

Environmental regulatory compliance must be complemented with a proper management of comunities and stakeholders, as well as with high standards that strengthen proyects and companies sustainability.

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Sustainability Indicators

Managing the information of/received from Sustainability Indicators inside a big company has never been easier with SIGEA. Our module distributes information throughout the organization, it can be integrated with other sources of information and can be collected periodically at a convenient time in order to have the indicators available in a timely and reliable manner. Furthermore, the traceability of each piece of data and it the evidence of verification can be managed.

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La reportabilidad, como etapa indispensable para el aseguramiento del negocio, es la que demuestra todo el trabajo realizado en gestión del cumplimiento y sustentabilidad corporativa.

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