Environmental Compliance

Sigea Includes a permit planner that provides information on the procedures and deadlines required to start a new project or to know the status of current projects. Allowing to know the progress in its processing and compliance

Permission Management Solution

  • Database with master list of Permits applicable to projects.
  • Editable and customizable files to identify company permits.
  • Unified repository of files and Permit resolutions.
  • Permit tokens with access to technical background of processing.
  • Assignment of responsible for the processing of permits (internal users or consultants).

Planning Solution and Obtaining Permits

  • Scenario simulations and obtaining permission times needed for project's development.
  • Gantt diagram for processing project permits .
  • Installations links with WBS codes for integration in Gantt chart
  • Master list of permits and permit datasheets updated and ava availables at all times.