Legal Compliance

Effectively keep on top of obligation management within your project or organisation

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Management of the compliance of legal obligations

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With SIGEA Software you can identify, manage and comply with legal obligations that do not require express approval from the necessary authority. This is in accordance with the legal compliance already being carried out in the management of permits.

Customisable database

SIGEA Software has a database of legal obligations which addresses a large part of the applicable regulatory framework, identifying for each regulatory body the legal obligations that need to be managed. All this, in turn, is configurable to the current legislation for each country.

Up-to-date legal service

SIGEA Software has a legal module, which sends update reports according to the needs of each client (monthly, weekly, quarterly, etc.) with the environmental regulations potentially applicable to investment projects.

Assign responsibilities

As is SIGEA's standard practice, we facilitate compliance and traceability by assigning responsible persons to manage legal obligations. 

In this module, the user can forward update reports to interested users within the company, create compliance calendars with alerts and customisable tasks according to legal obligation.

How do we do it?

01. Identify

We have access to a large database with the current regulations of each country, and we determine the legal obligations applicable to your project, either by activity or by facilities. 

Our repository contains approximately 300 regulatory bodies and more than 3,000 legal obligations, which are constantly updated. 

02. Evaluate

Weighing the risks and costs of compliance with obligations allows us to set priorities, without forgetting that there may be legal commitments and voluntary standards that add will value to the management and should be considered.

Within this stage, where we outline the steps to effective compliance, we will be able to recognise those that can be linked. Thus, we will be able to fulfil two or more aspects, unifying and making the management more efficient.


03. Manage

With SIGEA Software you can create compliance schedules and assign managers for the various obligations. 

This is also where thresholds are identified, verified and measured, allowing alerts and messaging to be generated to follow up on compliance.

04. Report

SIGEA Software not only incorporates mandatory reportability functions to the necessary authority, but also facilitates reporting internally, meaning that the organisation can function properly. 

In this module we also make reporting to senior management, shareholders and other interested stakeholders quick and efficient. Furthermore, we can consider both external organisations and trade unions, to ensure good Corporate Governance within the organisation, something that is becoming more and more important every day.



Complete database

Updated with the applicable legal repertoire. Approximately 300 regulatory bodies and more than 3,000 obligations.


Assignment of responsibilities

We facilitate the assignment of responsibilities to team members and also by facilities, linked to their legal obligations, with alerts and follow-ups.


Both internally and to the authorities, we make it easy to generate documents, reports. These are then efficiently distributed to those responsible and interested.

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