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Water, an indispensable resource for the development of life and human activities, is scarce and in some places, we have reached crisis point, where its responsible use must be a priority. It is vital that this effort goes hand in hand with strict monitoring of the resource and the production activities that affect it, as well as the application of new and high standards, with good tracking, traceability and reportability, that allows all those involved to be able to account for the impacts.

Cumplimiento Regulatorio y Estándares de Sostenibilidad

At SIGEA HIDROMETRIX we help you identify, prioritise, manage, and report all the requirements and regulatory commitments that your project must meet. 

Esto lo complementamos, integramos y optimizamos con los estándares de sostenibilidad que adopte el proyecto, la compañía o por exigencias de terceros, ya sea un estándar internacional como la gestión de la huella hídrica, ciclo de vida o un estándar interno definido por la propia organización.

We collect information about your project and the applicable regulatory framework, that includes not only the status and trends of the relevant water components within the project, but also its social and environmental background, meaning the management of all relevant variables is ongoing, segmented and assigned for each responsible user through the use of KPIs and configurable alerts.

Information management: From data uploading to reportability

HIDROMETRIX supports the data supply chain from the time of data collection to when it is uploaded to a centralized database. It automates various processes of data capture, quality control and aggregation of information, making it available in structured databases to facilitate the analysis and evaluation of the water system in all its dimensions.

Monitoring data is obtained from various sources: 

Laboratory analysis
Integrated through its LIMS to SIGEA or with the delivery of the analysis through a laboratory option. 

Continuous monitoring
Thanks to new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IOT) and Big Data, today we can carry out massive continuous monitoring operations and have real-time water monitoring control panels from control rooms to an app on your phone (soon available in SIGEA®).

In this way, we optimise decision making, the user can apply timely corrective actions and improve compliance with standards, therefore achieving suitable management of water resources in the best possible way.

Modelos Hidrogeologicos Sigea
Dynamic updating of hydrogeological models

Our proposal includes the availability of up-to-date data that allows a continuous readjustment of the Hydrogeological Models used to evaluate and plan water use.

Complex issues, such as a change in water replenishment of vulnerable areas, mean that today's models are overestimated, as they are years out of date, which can expose us to irreparable environmental damage, heavy fines and even project closure. 

By uploading the data online, we can quickly and easily obtain real-time databases that allow us to correct and calibrate our models much faster and more frequently, so we have better knowledge of the actual behaviour of the water variables and the effect of our actions.

The demand for automated control of the relevant variables of a water system are increasing every day. From the control of extraction flows to the monitoring of the concentrations of wastewater discharge, the control of water quality expressed in the environmental requirements of the project and the reporting, are all a continual challenge.

With SIGEA®, the data on quantity and quality of water resources is readily available for the user, with internal alerts in case thresholds are exceeded, generation of reports and easy integration with the regulative authority of the country where you are sending the data such as, in Chile, with the General Water Directorate and its program for Monitoring Effective Extractions (MEE) or to the SMA.

Direct connection to the systems used by the regulatory authorities and open reportability

How do we do it?

01. Identify and organise

With SIGEA HIDROMETRIX we not only capture operational data, but also historical data from your project, allowing us to assess potential socio-environmental impacts.

We identify the applicable regulatory framework and organise the standards to which your site must conform. 

Characterise the facilities, work, activities, and processes relevant to the water component of your project, wells, discharges, contacts, etc.


02. Evaluate risks, prioritise, and configure

You can assess the risks of non-compliance with your norms and standards.

Prioritise, assign, and plan activities associated with compliance requirements.

Optimise the management of hydrogeological models.

Design monitoring plans.

Evaluate the status and trends associated with water management.

Identify and distribute the different responsibilities of the water management system.


03. Manage

Data from various sources:

Laboratory analysis 

Obtained in situ, in wells or on the surface, direct to the SIGEA app:

Continuous monitoring connected with telemetry systems; we can obtain information from distant terrains to the screen in minutes.

Historical information.

Verify data quality.

Anticipate potential problems through preventive alerts.

Control the effect of your business processes on water resources.


04. Report

Like all SIGEA tools, our best way to show the result of a job well done is to generate complete reports in a simple, customisable, and adjustable way for different objectives, bodies, and institutions.

Reporting to regulatory agencies and stakeholders 
Whether it be Chile's General Water Department (DGA), the National Water Authority in Peru, National Directorate for Drinking Water and Sanitation in Argentina, etc.

Internal reports

Standards Report

Comparative analysis of the state of the water resource and the quality of your hydrogeological models.


Highlights of Hidrometrix


Historical database

We collect information about your project to identify the status and trends associated with its water management and any potential socio-environmental impacts.


Risk assessment

Take care of your resources by prioritising, assigning and planning the activities associated with the compliance of the regulatory requirements for your site.


Dynamic updating of hydrogeological models

Online data allow us to correct and calibrate the models in a timely manner.


Direct connection and reporting to the necessary authorities

Quantitative and qualitative data about the water is not only available for your team, but also for reporting to the proper authority in your country.

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