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La reportabilidad, como etapa indispensable para el aseguramiento del negocio, es la que demuestra todo el trabajo realizado en gestión del cumplimiento y sustentabilidad corporativa alineada a criterios ESG

The data: our main ingredient

While the narrative is important in any report, it must be created from quality data. Our procedure of data collecting, and data processing conforms to attributes that we consider fundamental, such as: Reliability, applicability, specificity, accuracy, precision, detectability and sensitivity. 

This is thanks to the direct connection with sources through IoT, which allows us to obtain and process Big Data in a structured database and be 100% dedicated to reportability.


Because when you get the data right it speaks for itself and is suitable for any type of report.

Easily create the report you want

Once you have the right data, you can build the reports that fit each objective and institution. This is how, with the same platform and the same data, you can create the following reports directly or sequentially:

Dow Jones DJSI, GRI. 
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Legal Obligations *Link to "Ventanilla unica" 

High Level Compliance Management Reports 

Reports of your activities, pending, due, etc. 

Reportes con Sigea
Reliable traceability

SIGEA streamlines information collection by allowing each member of a team to upload data in an orderly, intuitive, and simple, yet fully, digital way. 


Thus, we are able to put together a chain of responsible parties, which, once the data is uploaded, becomes the data validation chain. This allows us, at a glance, to know which SOURCE uploaded WHAT data, WHEN it was uploaded and WHO validated that data.

Symmetric information and a collaborative environment

Our software allows the entire team or organization to access the information and the corresponding direct sources.

This removes the danger of information asymmetry and encourages greater and better team involvement. Having full symmetrical/unrestricted access to information is key to achieving corporate sustainability. Firstly, it is easier to be alerted to any situation that needs to be reviewed and to create internal reports that help to make timely decisions. Finally, this allows for reporting back to others as evidence of good teamwork. 

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How do we do it?

01. Identify and prioritise.

By getting data directly from its sourcewith clear traceability and correct validation, the appropriate data can be selected for the requirement and objective of each report.


02. Management

Once the data for a specific report has been selected, the frequency with which the data will be obtained must be configured, as well as the person responsible for uploading and verification, and for streamlining/consolidating the data.


03. Reporting

Simple, straightforward and user-friendly our software and the SIGEA team/equipment will help to create a set corporate sustainability indicators. This is the basis of any strong strategic report.




Data for all types of reports

Direct connection to data generation sources via IoT.  

Easy to generate strategic narratives

With the set of corporate sustainability indicators provided by SIGEA it is easy to create a strong strategic narrative.


Reliable traceability

At just a glance, you can see which SOURCE uploaded WHAT data, WHEN it happened and WHO validated it.

Symmetric information

SIGEA allows the entire team or organisation to access the information and the corresponding direct sources, leading to greater and better involvement of those in charge.

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